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  • The Lazy Lion: Colorado Springs private members club.

  • Worlds first recreational dab bar

  • Relax with old friends; make new ones.

The Lazy Lion bud leaf

Come into The Lazy Lion today and become a member to enjoy all of our exclusive members benefits. Our one of a kind DAB bar features high end glass with electric nails - No waiting on butane torches - You pick the piece you want to DAB from. Enjoy our private rooms with flat screen TVs and arcade machines with tons of FREE games to play while you hang out. Munchies Grab a snack at our concession area we have tons of candy - sodas - snacks to enjoy in the lounge! Come in today and become a member to see what all the fuss is about and have a good time !


Come in and DAB up with The Lazy Lion team and fellow members for only $2 a DAB.


The Lion puts on the best UFC, Boxing and Pay Per View and sporting events for our members.


The Lazy Lion is all about meeting fellow connoisseur smokers from all parts of the world.

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The Lazy Lion is a private Members Only Cannabis Club. No RED CARD needed. We are a private recreational club for members who are 21 years of age or older. All that is needed to become a members is a $5 membership fee and a valid ID showing you are 21 years of age or older.

After signing the agreement and becoming a private member of your new club you will be able to come and enjoy our DAB bar and members reimbursements.

introducing the first DAB Bar bud leaf

The Lazy Lion is proud to have the worlds first recreational DAB Bar! Come in and check out our varied selection of WAX and SHATTER we've got the best you'll find anywhere...and the ONLY place you can come enjoy a DAB and relax with friends.

Enjoy a DAB at the bar any time of day for only $2! DABBY-HOUR is every day from 4pm-5pm where you can come in and get 1$ DABS!!!!

Even with our varied selection of Wax and Shatter you are always welcome to bring in your own and even your own pieces!

  • DABBY-HOUR 4pm-5pm DAILY
  • DAB Bar
  • DAB Bar
  • DAB Bar

We grow our buds with pride bud leaf

Because we are growing your plants just for you we take a special pride and care in producing the strongest most flavorful buds you can enjoy.

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bud news and events bud leaf

If it's important to us, it's important to you (at least it should be!) Here you'll find the latest news/articles and events about the bud situation is Colorado, the US and everywhere.

24th Nov

Obama weighs "Bud Bump"

Colorado's recreational marijuana regulatory plan — as well as its revised plan for regulating medical-marijuana dispensaries — will rely on two systems that dovetail together, Kammerzell said. The first is an inventory-tracking system. The second is a store's sales-tracking system. Together, Kammerzell said they should allow the state to monitor marijuana from the grow room until it leaves a store's showroom.

4th Dec

Insiders Grow: Planting Density & Spacing

How BIG? A definitive question -- and when it comes to growing respectable yields of high potency buds, it's a an important consideration.

25th Nov

Highlights from HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup Amsterdam 2013: Day Five

This year's HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup closed on a high note at the Melkweg, honoring important members of the community and crowning the victorious strains as well as the best Product, Booth, and Glass at the Expo.

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Address: 2502 E. Bijou Street, Colorado Springs

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